An Adapted Pedagogy

Pédagogie adaptée
Excellence in content, adapted pedagogy, and EdTech solutions are the pillars of our expertise at the service of your projects!

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The diversity and scalability of the digital world have disrupted the trainer/learner models and opened new learning channels. Developing skills has (re) become strategic for the company and each of us.  

LePont has developed extensive expertise in education technologies at the cutting edge of educational innovation. An approach centered on the needs of the learner, to be at the heart of a fully adapted pedagogy.  

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Our skill

The passion for transmission has always inspired our teams. Education is literally at the heart of our D.N.A. Committed to strong convictions underpinned by extensive expertise in the sciences of education and educational innovation, LePont has identified a number of essential dimensions for truly efficient training:  

Know your target  

The training must be "user-centric", that is to say, 100% oriented to the needs of the learner. This requires defining educational and operational objectives that are closely correlated with the business realities in the field and the company.  

Understand where we come from  

Learning is never built in a vacuum but always echoing a set of prior learning, knowledge, and skills. To put yourself within reach of people is to start the ascent with them by starting from the right foot.  

Know where we are going   

The purpose must be clear and unambiguous. If you know how to answer the question: "what problem does my training come to solve?" Then you are on the right track to offer structured and structuring content. 

Adopt the right rhythms   

When it comes to learning, it is better to have a progressive and step-by-step course. The succession of effort and reward allows you to savor your successes. Let us never forget to put resources at the service of these objectives of attractiveness and commitment.  

Give yourself the right means  

Capturing attention, making the learner active, fostering clarity of links and mental representations, ensuring consolidation: these are the challenges that educational innovation is now able to meet with the help of EdTech.   

LePont supports you on all these dimensions to put the most innovative and suitable pedagogy at the service of your training projects.  

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