Become a Data-Driven Company

In 10 years, the companies that will have survived are those that will have become "Data-Driven Companies." It is a new form of economic Darwinism that affects the whole organization regardless of the sector.

For a Data Culture at Company Level

In an increasingly uncertain environment, what makes and will make the difference for the company is  

  1. Knowing how to ask the right business questions (should we maintain this activity, should we invest more in another...)  

  2. Make quick and informed decisions, with the perfect use of reliable data  

  3. Irrigate the entire organization with the right data to free up time and energy for everyone.  

Most companies have set up Chief Data Officers and have their own Data Scientists unit. But to get the best out of data, from the expert teams in place, and make it a real competitive advantage, it must become everyone's business. It's a question of Corporate Data Culture.  

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Our skill

Developing the skills of your teams around data and A.I. is core to the transformation and survival of your company. It is the heart of our business today.  

We have developed an innovative and pragmatic method to establish a Data Culture across the Company (Data Culture at Scale). It integrates:  

  • A 360 °, hyper practical approach to Data, adapted to the needs of every one of your employees (experts AND non-experts in Data) with formats ranging from 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks to 3 months to develop the expected skills.  

  • Contents at the forefront of the market and at the crossroads of academic excellence and very concrete business returns. We target the essential Data skills for your teams: the right knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills,   

  • 20-year expertise in educational engineering and mastery of the latest technological innovations in EdTech, which are all accelerators of adoption and long-term anchors to act quickly, impact as many people as possible and improve daily actions.  

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