Berkeley's Institute For Business Innovation

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LePont developed a partnership with the Institute for Business Innovation at the American University of California at Berkeley and with Berkeley Global. The ambition? Provide you with the latest applied research and insights into the critical skills you need to develop to improve your agility.

Being at the forefront of innovation

The mission of the Institute for Business Innovation is to share pioneering research on innovation, train students to become tomorrow's entrepreneurial leaders and facilitate innovation in start-ups and companies. 

The Institute carries out work to analyze what makes or doesn't make companies, men and women successful in terms of innovation.

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Our skill

LePont and the Berkeley Institute for Business Innovation are working on the following topics: 

  • Data Science
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Open Innovation
  • Design Thinking 
  • Culture & Leadership
  • Future of work

We provide our clients with the most cutting-edge work so that they can develop the critical skills they need.

We work with Berkeley Global to develop certification and professionalization pathways. 

For companies, this is a guarantee of innovation, agility and performance.

For the men and women we train, it's a direct contribution to their day-to-day effectiveness and long-term fulfillment. 

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