Boost Sales Efficiency 

Efficacité commerciale
Your business is at the crossroads of strategic issues. Business efficiency is one of them. It must reinvent its training approaches to meet the challenge.

The challenges of sales efficiency

All businesses make the same observation: salespeople are probably the most challenging population to train. Hard to catch, having little time, whether they are traveling or at points of sale, they must be primarily in the business and in contact with the customer. At the same time, we can see that the progress of digital transformation has had a significant impact on the tools they need to master and on the speed of the sales cycle, hence the need to keep them always up to date on these subjects. Also, there is the problem of "turnover," which is particularly crucial in these fields, which involves finding how to motivate and retain them.  

So, how to increase the efficiency of salespeople, while providing them with knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills as quickly as possible and with the best anchoring?  

Client case

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Our skill

Fueled by feedback from field experience for over ten years in the field of tailor-made training for salespeople in France and internationally, LePont has identified 6 key dimensions to master:  

Commercial posture / Sales techniques  

Social skills are an essential component of commercial posture.  

Product knowledge/knowledge of the offer  

Commercial populations must master continually evolving knowledge.  

Mastery of digital tools  

The increasing digitization of the working environment forces salespeople to continually adapt their know-how.  

Cultural background  

Salespersons must master the entire ecosystem (business sector) in which they operate.  

Control of processes and best practices  

Internally, it must be perfectly aligned with the procedures and best practices in force.  

Customer knowledge  

Finally, they must know their customer to offer them the best possible relationship/customer experience.  

Sales efficiency depends on these six key points. Therefore we address each of these six dimensions in our design and production offer of tailor-made training devices for your sales forces.  

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