Comply with Regulations, Safety & Security

Réglementaire sûreté sécurité
Your business is at the crossroads of strategic issues. Regulatory, safety, and security aspects are essential. It must reinvent its training approaches to address these subjects.

Regulatory, safety & security issues

Regulatory subjects, safety, and security subjects have become crucial in companies.  

Faced with legal obligations and real issues (financial, criminal, human, or reputational risk), they must do everything in their power to ensure that their employees are always up to date on all these subjects. However, these are not the most exciting subjects, nor the most directly linked to the core business of most employees.  

So how do you make sure that the rules spread throughout the company and those new behaviors take place? 

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Attentive to the rapid changes in the business world in terms of regulatory, safety & security issues, LePont has identified six key dimensions for successful training:  

Dedramatize the topics 

The first obstacle to the success of training courses on these subjects lies in the topic considered arid or not very engaging. Giving them a different light is an essential lever.   

Provide a clear vision of the issues   

Bringing clarity, distinguishing the essential from the accessory, structuring the information, this is our job.  

Allow employees to project themselves into situations   

To get the employee's involvement, there's nothing like allowing them to look at concrete cases.  

Make people think about choices and consequences   

Activities that make it possible to "manipulate" the concepts, in the physical and mental sense of the term (quiz, drag, and drop) guarantee much higher assimilation.  

Anchor good practices   

In terms of regulations, safety, and security, what matters is what is left after the training is completed so that the new behaviors take hold.   

Stay "up-to-date"  

Finally, the training systems must anticipate regular updates to cope with the constant changes in these subjects and keep employees up to date.  

It is by being attentive to these main educational principles that we suggest that you create tailor-made, engaging, and adapted training systems for your Regulatory, Safety & Security needs.  

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