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Digital Adoption Platform

LePont is the preferred partner of the Digital Adoption Platform (D.A.P.) WalkMe. The contextual guide that transforms the training experience of your employees.  

  • Develop the autonomy of your users with WalkMe, your future digital adoption platform!  

  • G.P.S. web and mobile guidance system: WalkMe is a contextual guide that will guide users step by step when they need it.  

  • Real non-simulated environment: the solution can easily be added to the web or mobile application without distorting it.  

  • No integration or development: the solution integrates perfectly with your application without requiring any integration or web development.  

  • Supported by all major browsers: WalkMe is compatible with most internet browsers.  

  • Pre-application analysis: you can scan the application before the first guide is put in place, to know when users need help.  

  • Measuring the effectiveness of support: tracking and analysis tools are integrated into WalkMe to be able to measure the effectiveness of the guides deployed.  


Client case

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Our skill

More than 1,800 companies have trusted WalkMe. Like them, adopt the application G.P.S. that guides you step by step!  

  • Onboarding new users  

  • Application adoption  

  • Introduction of new processes  

  • Management, monitoring & control  

  • Individual and collective productivity   

  • Multi-language environment  

  • Change management  

LePont and WalkMe, a full partnership at the service of your I.T. projects!  

LePont accompanies you in the implementation of your guides:  

  • Training of your teams  

  • Support on your first projects  

  • Production of your guides  

  • Assistance: support / service center  

Would you like to know more about the solution? Contact our teams for a free demonstration!  

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