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L.M.S., Mobile Learning, Digital Adoption Platform ... Our EdTech Lab is continuously monitoring to offer you the most original and promising solutions on the market.

Why use an L.M.S.?

An L.M.S. (Learning Management System) is a platform that allows you to manage and distribute your online training.  



Easy to access and interactive for the learner  

  • Distributing your training through an L.M.S. allows you to centralize your content and facilitate access to your learners.  

  • The responsive design of L.M.S. platforms will enable learners to consult their content wherever they are from their computer, tablet, or even their smartphone.  

  • Your learners can take their assessments online directly on the platform.   

  • Some platforms have an integrated authoring tool (in this case, we will talk about LCMS - Content), allowing you to create content mixing text, images, videos, and gamified educational activities to motivate your learners.   

  • Some platforms offer you the possibility of creating a challenge between your learners to stimulate them. They will be rewarded with a point or badge system and will be able to compare their results through a ranking.   

  • Some L.M.S. platforms offer collaborative tools to create a real community. Learners can thus interact with their peers and share their learning experiences.  

Easy to manage for the training manager Personalization and configuration options allow you to create skin specific to your company (Logo, colors, etc.), personalized access for your different user profiles (learners, trainers, and training manager).  

  • You can follow the progress of your learners individually and collectively.  

  • You can schedule automatic reporting to analyze the performance of your training.  

  • The platforms, for the most part, are natively multilingual.  

Client case

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Our skill

As a functional integrator, LePont supports you in:  

Advice: to determine the most suitable solution according to your needs and your deadline requirements.  

  • We follow the evolution of market players to offer you functionally proven solutions, supported by responsive teams of developers who provide innovative learning methods. The ergonomics and the choice of design make points of attention highlighted for your learners.  

Deployment: to make the device available to your learners.  

  • We get closer to your technical teams to set up the solution while respecting your technical architectures - hosting, security rules, GDPR.  

Configuration: to take into account your training management processes.  

  • Through the facilitation of workshops, the definition of the provision of your training and the registration process will be configured in the platform.  

  • The automation of as many features as possible (registration, issuance of notifications and summons, edition of certificates, etc.) will facilitate the use of your device.  

Training: so that your teaching and technical teams are operational  

  • Our trainers will guide your stakeholders in mastering all of the platform's functionalities to enable them to be as efficient as possible.  

Support: to assist you in using the platform.  

  • A Service Center is at your disposal for the most accurate management of your platform administration - delegation of administration, review of new features, etc.  


Do you want to boost the content that you are going to broadcast on your L.M.S. platform?  

  • You will need authoring tools to create compelling content.  

  • Our team of educational designers is at your disposal to develop attractive modules, to design with you and to assist you in your first achievements (support in the creation of a first module).  

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