Facilitate On & OffBoarding

On & off boarding
The speed and quality of onboarding (arrival of new employees) and offboarding (departure of the knowledgeable) ensure the agility and sustainability of your business.

The challenges of onboarding and offboarding

Why is onboarding a strategic issue for the company?  

  • 22% of turnover occurs within the first 45 days of an employee  

  • Replacement cost represents three times the salary of the departed employee  

  • an employee who has followed a successful onboarding process increases their efficiency by 25%  

It is easy to understand that a successful integration journey is crucial for the company. The same goes for the departure of key employees. How to cope with a loss of know-how during retirement in particular?  

Client case

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Our skill

How to deal with the issues of transmission / transfer of skills upon arrival and departure of employees? By your side for more than ten years, LePont has identified six key points on these subjects:  

Retain new entrants  

"You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression": the quality of the onboarding system that you offer is decisive for the relationship that your new employees will establish with your company.  

Activate efficiency   

Providing a clear vision, with a quality program, engaging, structured, and personalized, puts your employees on the path to performance without delay.  

Roll out things with the right timing  

Everything is played out in the first months. The design of an onboarding path must be thought out on a time scale that coincides with the pace of the employees, at the different stages of their integration.  

Capitalize on expertise   

At the other end of the chain, in terms of skills management, we find the experts. Oral tradition, staff turnover, and retirements can cost a company big money if it does not capitalize on these critical skills.  

Share the passion for transmission  

This wealth, the real intangible capital of your company, must be the subject of adequate responses in terms of knowledge management and capitalization in the form of training systems.  

Valuing your intangible capital  

Therefore, we support you both in the creation of onboarding systems and the capitalization before the off boarding phases. Because the issues of transmission and transfer are at the heart of our business.  

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