Improve Adoption of Digital Solutions

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In this age of digital transformation, accelerating the adoption of tools and processes by your employees has become a strategic competitiveness issue.

The challenges of adopting tools

Accelerating Digital transformation forces your employees to adapt their know-how continually. This is a major challenge: for the same employee, the number of tools to be mastered may cause them to lose productivity where they were precisely supposed to save them time. A real headache for the company, without counting the new digital roles, the new processes, and the new players ... The internal training offer is often unable to respond in time; tech hotlines are outdated; assistance between colleagues is time-consuming...  

So, how can you accelerate the adoption and use of applications deployed in the enterprise?  

Client case

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Our skill

Fueled by over 10 years of field experience in supporting users during the deployment of applications, LePont identified 6 key levers to operate:  

Reduce deployment time  

Today, deadlines are getting shorter, and cycles are accelerating. The traditional training models find their limits. How do you train hundreds or thousands of users in record time?  

Minimize the loss of revenue  

In addition to the loss of production inherent in training days, there is often a loss of productivity of varying lengths due to a lack of mastery of new tools. How to secure this aspect?  

Relieve the hot-line and ensure adoption  

Is it normal that the support or the hotline are saturated post-deployment, mainly to solve training problems? Isn't there a reallocation of loads to consider ensuring user adoption better?  

Guarantee the quality of onboarding and data  

Ensuring adoption is our mantra. A well-thought-out design must allow the user to find all his points of reference and to make sense of his actions ... including to produce more reliable data!  

Offer Just in time information 

Providing the right information at the right time, so that users gain efficiency and autonomy so that they can establish and maintain their know-how, that is the real challenge.  

Free yourself from constraints  

More than ever, the economics of physical distancing lead us to opt for innovative digital learning approaches. You will never think of your training design the same way!  

With LePont, face-to-face, video tutorial, Elearning modules, Edtech, complete exchange system, or digital adoption platform, the whole range of possibilities is open to you, depending on your context and your needs.  

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