Our EdTech Partners

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For more than 20 years, our teams have been working in the field of education technologies (EdTech) to design the best learning devices with high added value.

Our EdTech Partners

Adaptive Learning

Domoscio is the adaptive learning platform that connects cognitive science, Smart Data, and A.I. to optimize the acquisition and anchoring of knowledge, and thus improve the impact of training. Thanks to the data collected:  

  • the courses are individualized by recommending training adapted to the profile and development needs of each learner  

  • durable anchoring is optimized by suggesting personalized reminders according to the speed of forgetting of each learner  



WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform (D.A.P.) makes it easy to use any software, website, or business application. Combined with proactive and progressive guidance - true application G.P.S. - this solution analyzes and automates processes so that all users can easily carry out their daily tasks when they really need them. WalkMe created the Digital Adoption Platform approach to cover all business needs.  


Ancrage / Mobile Learning Platform

Teach On Mars is the most complete native mobile solution on the market. Thought out and designed from day one for modern uses, Teach On Mars offers a simple, unique, and intelligent "Mobile Learning First" experience ranging from the acquisition of skills to the anchoring of knowledge. 


Learning Management System

Syfadis Experience is the French learning platform offering one of the best functional coverage: Face-to-Face & Digital Training, Administrative, and Financial Steering, Assessment, and Skills Management.  

With Syfadis Experience, you can easily manage the engagement and skills development of your employees.  

Rise Up is the training platform dedicated to Blended-Learning. Offering all the tools needed to implement an enriched training experience in a single platform, Rise Up is now establishing itself as a complete, easy-to-use device at the cutting edge of EdTech innovations.  


Cognitive and behavioral sciences

Based on the educational approach of the Nudge, theorized by the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics Richard Thaler, the Fifty platform helps employees move from theoretical advice to practical practice.  

Fifty's strength is to offer personalized actions to be performed in a work situation (AFEST) thanks to the power of artificial intelligence allowing to take the right action, at the right time, for each employee.  


Uptale is the simple and intuitive Immersive Learning platform for creating, disseminating, monitoring, and managing training modules in 360 ° and Virtual Reality.  

Uptale enriches the immersive learning experience of employees via all types of online or offline media (V.R. headsets, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.)  

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