Data Pioneer


Duration: 15 hours

2500.00€ HT

Inter-company price per person

Pedagogical objective

  • Capture new information without limits to manage my activities more efficiently.
  • Design lean and sustainable processes to spend less time doing calculations and more time analyzing and innovating.
  • Influence my colleagues upstream and downstream of my analysis processes to ensure reliable and quality data flows.
  • Lead with vision & creativity and support my organization in a rapidly changing digital world.

Public and prerequisite

This program is for anyone who wants to use their data to be more productive and perform more relevant analyses.
No pre-requisites are required to follow this training.


• Data is More strategic than you think
• The concept of Digital Darwinism
• How do you start your transformation?
• Is Raw Data like Crude Oil?
• How to Become Data-Efficient

1. Start with the Right Question
• Why so much ado about Data?
• Start with the Right Question?
• Know your Technology
• Cardinal Rules for Data
• The Real Big Data Value
• Leadership and Change
• Drive Process Efficiency
• Bring on the 7th Element

2. Know your Technology
• Why Technology?
• The 2 families of systems
• The Transactional Systems
• The Decision Systems

• The Middleware
• The Database
• The Analytics Solutions
• The Reporting Solutions
• Performance Management and Analytics Applications
• Decision vs. Transaction – A blurrier line?
• Implementation and Management of Decisional Solutions

3. “Fluidify” your Data
• What is Data?
• The Value of Data
• The flat file: The Swiss Knife of Data
• Database Types (Txt, SQL - Relational DB, Olap -
“Multidimensional” DB, Columnar Database, NoSQL)
• What is ACID?

• Structure
• Role
• Format
• The Common Structure of Data Storage
• The Table

• The Measures
• The Attributes
• The Calculations
• The Keys

4. Get The Real Big Data Value
5. Leadership and Change
6. Process Efficiency
7. The 7th Element

• Volume
• Velocity
• Variety
• Building a Holistic View is the Holy Grail

• Multivariable Correlations to detect casualties
• Classification to predict outcomes
• Clustering to group in smarter ways (third parties, •
transactions, products, markets)
• Advanced Visualization

• Why 70-80 % of data projects fail
• Team Dynamics
• Management and Leadership evolutions
• The Change Curve
• The Sustainability dilemma
• The 4 (secret) Super Powers
• Streamline your “Creeper” Processes
• The Hawthorne Effect: Measurement drives behavior
• Excellence is an art won by training
• The real value of manual spreadsheet-based processes
• Reporting Checklists
• Lean processes and Swarm Intelligence
• How to get started today
• Why be resilient
• What is at stake for one's career

Evaluation methods

One hour of exercises on practical cases + readings and self-assessments and regular reviews (Mobile Learning)

Evaluation of the acquired knowledge via an online test at the end of the course and the realization of a practical case.
LePont and Berkeley Global certifications awarded to the learner.
DIGITT certification option (+175€HT) 
End of internship certificate given to the trainee

Educational methods

  • Training distant, synchronous, with the trainer by videoconference
  • Pedagogical sequencing built and adapted to the distant organization mode
  • Instructor and trainee screen sharing for presentations, demonstrations and implementation verification
  • Delivery of a digital pedagogical documentation during the training course
  • The training is made up of theoretical contributions, practical exercises, reflections and experience feedback.
  • Real-time interaction with the trainer in a virtual classroom. (webcam, microphone, screen and chat).
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