Content excellence

The development of skills requires content at the cutting edge of innovation and practice. It is the combination of the two that makes learning inspiring and anchoring lasting.

Content adapted to the latest standards of excellence

Whether in an industrial environment, in the field, or offices, there are many learning experiences, as there are contents.  

From popularization to the most advanced expertise on the market, whether it is off-the-shelf or specific to the company, in any language ... the content must be adapted to each context to be understood and assimilated.  

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Our skill

The content we offer can come from experts, our clients or the network that we have been developing for over 20 years.   

We know how to listen, translate and disseminate the expertise of our clients to as many people as possible in their business.  

These contents are suitable for all people in the company who are in the field (production lines, distribution networks) or at headquarters.  

We develop our content, and our courses are certifying (in particular with Berkeley Global) and professionalizing.   

Our partnership with the Institute for Business Innovation at the University of California Berkeley allows us to be at the forefront of critical business skills (Data, IA, Open Innovation, Design Thinking, Culture & Leadership).   

Our network of international experts conducts research and puts into practice this knowledge daily, know-how, and interpersonal skills necessary for the transformation of your company.  

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