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Mobile learning, for what uses?

Mobile Learning enables your learners to consume knowledge wherever they are at any time of the day.  

Mobile learning content = a bit = 3 to 5 minutes  

Mobile learning is an excellent complement to your face-to-face training. Indeed, it reinforces the memory anchoring by acting in the form of booster shots. It thus makes it possible to avoid forgetting the content once the training is finished.  

It is an excellent way to raise awareness among a broad target group of transversal subjects such as gender equality, the fight against fraud, etc.  

Mobile learning is accessible wherever you are using a simple smartphone. It is an excellent tool for training your field sales representatives who, by definition, are scattered and, therefore difficult to bring together during face-to-face training.  

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  • MICRO CONTENT: 1 microlearning content = a precise notion = a defined objective = 3 to 5 minutes  

  • These contents, independent of each other, can be composed of text, video, sound, image…  

  • Mobile Learning is fun and interactive through its activities: quizzes, memos, classification mini-games, puzzles, gap texts…  

  • It thus takes up the game codes: graphics can take the form of car racing, for example, progress badges allow you to earn points when a module is completed ...  


Beyond content, Mobile Learning has a social dimension that allows learners to:  

  • To exchange between them on the forums  

  • To challenge themselves through activities (quiz, puzzles…)  

  • Measure their progress, compare it to their peers, thanks to rankings  

  • Send and receive notifications, to be informed of new activities, rankings ...  


  • True partner of your success, we advise you in the choice of your Mobile Learning application, we support you with its deployment, in the creation of its MicroLearning content adapted to mobile uses but also in the development of a communication campaign intended for bringing your community of learners on board (creation of teasers, posters, content for your intranet, etc.)  

  • Are you looking for an application for your learners? Discover Teach On Mars, our Mobile Learning partner  


  • Mobile learning can be part of a Blended Learning approach in addition to a face-to-face session.  

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