Big Data

Hadoop & Distributions Ecosystem

You want to store and use information from Big Data through the Hadoop Framework?

Our consultant trainers will give you the benefit of their field experience to help you install, configure, interface and use the modules you need. 

Through case studies you will learn how to use Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), YARN, MapReduc, Cassandra, MongoDB.

You will also discover how NoSQL databases work, clusters to build a sustainable architecture and administer your database.  

Hadoop Apache what is it for ?

Its storage capacities and its ability to process and combine data at a lower cost allow the Hadoop Framework to serve as a :


  • Sandbox: massive storage + processing capabilities = sandbox for discovering and implementing patterns for prescriptive instruction
  • Data lake: to store raw data for data scientists and analysts
  • Complementing Data Warehouses: some data sets are downloaded directly from the Data Warehouses to Hadoop, and some new data types go directly to Hadoop.
  • Data store: to manage connected objects (IOTs) that need to know what to communicate and when to act.
  • Recommendation creator: Its analytical tools analyze large amounts of data in real time to quickly predict consumer preferences before they have time to leave the web page.

And what about Cloudera?

Cloudera is the most popular Hadoop distribution (it even bought out Hortonworks). It has customizable features:

  • Security
  • Governance
  • SQL
  • Scripting languages (Java ...)
  • Management/administration consoles


Our training courses

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ecosysteme hadoop & distributions

BigData avec MongoDB

In-site training + virtual classrooms

Duration: 21 hours

Next session : 02/07/2022

Duration: 21 hours

Next session : 02/16/2022

Duration: 21 hours

Next session : 03/02/2022

ecosysteme hadoop & distributions

Introduction à NoSQL

In-site training + virtual classrooms

Duration: 7 hours

Next session : 01/27/2022

ecosysteme hadoop & distributions

Cassandra - Big Data

In-site training + virtual classrooms


Duration: 21 hours

Next session : 01/31/2022

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